Netizen, Accept or Ignore


Nowadays, technology or media is a part of our daily living. Without media there is no life. We can not live in a day without it, in a split of time we are sharing and we actually like some of the posts of our social media friends. But you must know the important characteristics of a responsible netizen.


There are two important characteristics of a responsible netizen that I will explain. First, Acceptability: it is one of the most important characteristics of a responsible netizen why? simply because you must accept the information from the different media even if it will hurt or you do not like it. You can not hide the truth and all you have to do is to accept and let go the information that you get. Acceptance is a key for a better communication with others. Second is be open-minded because you will use the phrase “think before you click” in this characteristics, always put put on mind that being open-minded is not bad at all. It can help you to understand and explore more about being a responsible netizen, you will be a good decision-maker and you will understand the people around you with a understanding heart and mind.


Being a netizen will have a huge responsibility, you must think twice before clicking the posts and information that you get in the different media because in the end, you will suffer and you can not turn your mistakes into a accurate action. Always think if you want to become a netizen, be responsible.